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An Attitude of Gratitude – May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014

It has happened again.  In talking with a man who I’d very much like to pursue a relationship with we discussed our views on sex.  When he discovered that I believe that sex should be reserved for marriage I got the old heave-ho. *sigh* Sometimes having standards is difficult.

What this man said was, “I’ve tried this and I’m not strong enough. If this is what you want I wouldn’t be able to leave you alone once we grew close. I’m sorry that I’m not strong enough but I need to tell you the truth.” 

What I find interesting is the discussion we had prior to this one.  The one where I asked him about his faith.  We talked of going to church but I guess what  I should have asked him was how his relationship with Jesus was.  You see, I believe that any man with a strong relationship with Christ knows that he is not strong enough on his own but that “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” –Philippians 4:13.  This was not a wasted experience.  I did learn something out of this.  That’s my gratitude list for today.

  1. I learned that a man who does not put Christ first in his life cannot trust or respect himself.
  2. I learned that if a man cannot trust or respect himself, then neither can I.
  3. I learned that I must trust and respect any man I am involved with.
  4. I learned that open and honest communication is vital in each and every relationship that is worth keeping.
  5. I learned that no matter how much it may hurt there are some relationships that you need to just let go.

Dear Lord,  My heart is hurting today.  I had hopes and dreams and expectations centered around this human being.  I am disappointed, not as much in him as I am in myself.  I know that You are the only one I can count on to fill me and make me whole.  I know that he is an imperfect human being, just like I am, and therefore he cannot complete me.  Lord, I know Your love for me is limitless and unconditional.  I know that a man’s love will not validate me.  But Lord, I am so lonely sometimes.  Help me to remember to turn to You to fill those empty spaces.  Help me to remember the depth of Your love for me.  Help me to be patient and wait for the husband You have chosen for me.  I ask all of this in Jesus’ precious and holy name.  AMEN

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