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An Attitude of Gratitude – June 27, 2013

June 27, 2013

I have a horribly awful headache this morning. I don’t think it’s a migraine but since I can barely stand or think I really am not sure.  I probably should not have come into work today but I want to save my sick time in case I really need it further down the road.  Therefore, I am taking my medication and drinking massive amounts of caffeine as I am attempting to work.

If I feel better later today I will be posting over on my other blog “Karen’s Reflections.”  If not, I will aim for tomorrow or over the weekend.

Today’s gratitude list:

  1. Prayer.  While at Bible Study last night I got a text message from my daughter asking for prayer.  It was a privilege to turn to my friends and ask them to join me as I prayed for my future son-in-law.  It is a privilege to take our concerns directly to God.
  2. God answers prayers.  My daughters prayer request turned out well.  Her fiancée was not as sick as it was first suspected, he was discharged and is actually at work today.  God is good!
  3. The warm weather.  Now that the rain is gone we are resuming our group bike rides again.  If my headache goes away I will be out on my bike again this afternoon. Wahoo!!!
  4. Leelee has gone home.  I really didn’t mind dog sitting the little girl, no matter what I may have said to anybody.  Lucy seems to miss her but seeing her excitement when her “dad” walked up the stairs to get her yesterday afternoon was precious.
  5. My headache is beginning to go away.

Dear Lord,  You are the God of all things, big and small.  Nothing is beyond Your ability.  Thank You, Lord, for last night’s answered prayers.  Thank You also for all the prayers, spoken and unspoken, that You allow us to bring and place at Your feet.  I ask You to bless me with faith the strength of Daniel’s.  He was an honest and upright young man, full of integrity and of trust in You.  I want Your love for Your creation to shine out through my eyes.  I ask this in Jesus’ precious and Holy Name.  AMEN

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