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An Attitude of Gratitude – July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

I was reading this morning’s post from Proverbs 31 Ministries and today’s author stated that one way to gain peace in our lives is by thanking God for what He’s done in the past and what He will do in the future.  The author, Renee Swope, says this will help us remember how good He is at being God.  If you are interested in reading Renee’s blog you can find it here and the Proverbs 31 blog here.   On Renee’s blog you can also find a link to sign up for her 7 Day Doubt Diet and also read her “Peace Giving Promises” or other free resources. 

Anyways, I was struck by how similar her thinking is to mine.  I started expressing my gratitude to God every day to not only change my surly attitude but also to grow closer to God.  I believe I am in the process of accomplishing both these goals.  Of course, I also believe growing closer to God is a life-long process, one that I will always be working on.  I was reflecting on my journey this morning as I drove in to work and a couple of things struck me.  One of the things that came to my mind fit right in with Renee’s devotion for today.  I was thinking about how blessed I am that the Lord has always provided for me just exactly what I need, no more and no less.  He has always made sure I have a roof over my head and the spare tire around my belly attests to the fact that I am well-fed.  Now, you might be saying, “I thought she said God provided no more than she needed, why is she overweight?”  Let me tell you why.  I sincerely believe that the Lord has given me a struggle with my weight in order to bring me closer to Him.  Yes, I got this idea from Proverbs 31 author Lysa TerKeurst and her book “Made to Crave” but it resonated so deeply with me I know it to be true. 

Today’s gratitude list:

  1. Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Beautifully written blogs by wonderful Christian women.  These women give me hope because they are real people, just like you and me.  They are not idols to put up on a pedestal, they are just women, wives and mothers, employees and friends who face the same things we face each and every day.  Sometimes the thing that helps me most in my daily struggles is knowing that I am not walking this road alone.
  2. My friends.  When I am down or doubting myself, when I am not feeling good about myself or am feeling fearful, full of worry or lacking in self-confidence they are there to remind me about who I am.  Or rather, “whose” I am.  I am a Jesus girl, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  God doesn’t make “junk.”  He designed me with a plan and purpose in mind.  My friends are excellent at reminding me of all this when I lose sight of it all.
  3. My abilities.  Whether they are drawing, painting, cooking or accounting.  Whether they are secular abilities or spiritual gifts, they all come from the Lord and they are all part of what makes me unique.  They bring me peace, joy and fulfillment.  Even more importantly, when I use them the way God intends I bless others with them and bring the glory for that to God. 
  4. My small group Bible study.  Even more than my friends they encourage me and remind me whose I am.  We also learn together, laugh together and hold each other accountable.  I am grateful they pray with me and for me.  I pray with them and for them as well. 
  5. The US Government.  I don’t always agree with them.  I don’t always like their rules and regulations.  But I do like the freedoms our form of government gives us.  And even when I don’t like our current leaders I know that God has placed them there for a reason.  And for that reason I know I need to pray for them. 

Dear Lord,  Thank You for all the blessings on my list today and for all the blessings I have left off.  To walk in Your grace is blessing enough for me.  I know that my life is intended to bring You glory.  Show me the path You want me to take.  Guide me through this life’s twists and turns to arrive at the destination You have chosen especially for me.  I love You, I worship You, I give You all the glory which You so richly deserve.  All this I pray in Jesus’ name.  AMEN


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